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Point Reduction - If you are taking the class by DMV order or voluntarily, you are eligible to receive up to 5 safe driving points every two years. Some students also choose to take the course before their court date to improve their chances of a dismissal, reduced charged or other plea deal.

DMV Order - To satisfy a DMV order to take the class due to point balance. You are still eligible to receive safe driving points.

Court Order - To satisfy an order of the court to take the class, either as part of a plea deal to have the charge dismissed or as part of the final disposition.

Insurance Rate Reduction - Depending on your insurance company, you may be eligible for a reduction in your automobile insurance rates.

Employment - To satisfy an employer requirement to complete the class or to reduce your point balance before applying for a job.

Driver Improvement - Many students take our class just to improve their driving and knowledge about current laws and safety trends.